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Welcome To The KeyChatter Wiki!

The KeyChatter Wiki was created to give makers on the KeyChatter Slack a place to store project data, files, and information. Everyone is free to sign up for the Wiki but you will need to contact Engicoder or Livingspeedbump on the KeyChatter Slack to be given write permissions. Any information posted here is publicly available to view. is NOT trying to compete with the Deskthority wiki. If you have content to add regarding keyboards or switches please consider signing up for Deskthority and contacting an editor to help contribute to their wiki.

If you are not part of the KeyChatter Community Slack and would like to join the community please contact livingspeedbump on one of the forum pages or via email for an invite.

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Wiki 'To Do' List

Please check out our KeyChatter Wiki's To Do List to find places where you can jump in and start contributing right away!

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