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About Me

I'm Andy. I'm a former r/mechanicakeyboards moderator and owner of KeyChatter. I designed Jukebox SA, the first SA set to ever run on Massdrop, and have since designed a few other sets. I have a degree in Audio Engineering and worked in analog studios around Nashville for a few years. I ran a record/book/movie/porn shop in the great NC mountains for a few years before moving across the country to be a Business System Admin/Technical Writer.



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Keyboard Projects [Complete]

Note: Product | Vendor

  • Jukebox SA Round 1 | Massdrop
  • Jukebox SA Round 2 | Massdrop
  • GMK Honeywell | Originative Co.
  • GMK Mint Dolch (| Massdrop
  • Jukebox Cubic | Massdrop
  • GMK C70 Custom Keyoard | Massdrop &

Keyboard Projects [In Progress]

  • Jukebox Round 3
  • TBA

Skills, Software, Etc.

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Other Photo Editing (Inkscape, GIMP, etc)
  • Avid Pro Tools
  • Linux
  • Git
  • Microsoft Stack (MS365 Suite, Azure, Administration)
  • AWS

Meetup Albums and Attendance

  • Lehi @ Ancestry HQ 2018
  • NorCal @ Nest HQ in Palo Alto 2017
  • Lehi @ Ancestry HQ in 2017
  • Asheville NC 2016 (Organizer)
  • Raleigh NC 2015 (Organizer)