KeyChatter Slack Terms of Service


This Slack is a community for any and all keyboard enthusiasts. As a standalone community we not only want to encourage and build up the community and members within this Slack, but also encourage and build up the external keyboard enthusiast community.

To show our thanks to all the active members that help continue to make the KeyChatter Slack a special place we also provide giveaways on an annual basis KeyChatter Awards as well as provide a Wiki [this Wiki] that is maintained and utilized by our own internal community. If you would like to be a contributor just PM an Admin!

Code of Conduct

Being in the KeyChatter Slack is a privilege, not a right. Although these are not rules, we expect you to follow these standards to the best of your ability: Staying ‘on-topic’ based on the channel you are talking in.

  • Do not spam channels.
  • Be positive and uplift people, leave the negativity elsewhere.
  • Be polite and sensitive to others and their feelings
  • Shitposting - a little is fine, nothing but shitposting is a problem.

Warnings & Bans

By joining this Slack you are agreeing to follow the rules laid out below. Warnings and bans will be issued on a case-by-case basis by the Moderation team. If you need to voice a concern please ask for a PM in #admin or fill out the User Complaint Form. The moderation team reserves the right to ban any user.

We expect users to be respectful. Don't intentially harass other users. Resolve your personal issues in private or ask mods to jump in a PM, don't hash out your problems in public channels. Users intentionally upsetting others will get banned.


These are things that are not acceptable within the KeyChatter Slack:

  • Bullying or singling out anyone (even if they are not in this Slack)
  • Posting personal information of any person in or outside of this Slack without their consent.
  • Selling or trading any items outside of #mechmarket or PM. KeyChatter Slack Owners/Admins are not responsible for any transactions that happen within the slack. Buy and sell at your own risk.
  • Don't post pictures or PM's of private discussions or chats.
  • Don't post pictures from this Slack (PM's or Channels) anywhere else.
  • Ghosting, duplicate accounts or impersonation accounts (accounts using someone else’s known handle or SN)
  • Threats of any kind
  • Slander or Libel
  • Illegal activity
  • ALL political talk must remain in #politics and all religious talk must remain in #religion. Due to the nature of these topics please be extra aware of others in the channel. Shit posting is not allowed in these channels.

Furthermore, we have a zero-tolerance towards behavior or language that can be deemed:

  • Racist
  • Sexist
  • Homophobic
  • Transphobic
  • Discrimination of any variety

Breaking this rule will result in an immediate, and permanent ban.

Get in Touch

If you want to talk to an Admin for any reason please just post in #admin asking for a PM. Reasons for doing this include:

  • Wanting to request that an invite be sent to someone
  • Want to voice a concern regarding something within the Slack
  • Need a friend and just want to talk
  • Have ideas on how to improve this Slack and Community

Current Owners

  • livingspeedbump
  • Engicoder

Current Admins

  • budget_jacobsmirror
  • BunnyLake
  • HoffmanMyster
  • monkeyplusplus
  • rmendis
  • robotmaxtron
  • alexatpanc
  • bits
  • dilbertprogrammer
  • duby
  • greenteei89
  • gzprime
  • Kudos
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