Getting Started


You've signed up for the Wiki, let the admins know you want edit rights, but now what? In this quick guide we will go over the basics of editing a wiki and how we want to organize this wiki in particular.


The quickest way to get started is by using templates. Admins and power users will be making and adding to the Wiki Templates page. Furthermore, templates for additional resources like tables, formatted pictures, etc will be added to the Wiki Templates page.

What To Edit

The very first thing you'll want to edit is your user profile. To do this you can simply click on your name in the upper right corner of the screen. If you'd like to use the basic User Profile template you can use that, or create your profile from scratch. Feel free to use your profile however you want.

When To Edit

If you see any information on public pages that need to be editing or are incorrect, you may do so at any time. Personal pages (such as user profiles and user's projects) should not be edited unless for minor changes (such as spelling). If you see larger changes or updates that can be made contact the user on Slack directly.

Page Creation

When creating new page try to make sure that the page follows the standard naming from the rest of the wiki. At first as we get started, please ask the admins what pages should be named if you have any questions.